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Testing Standards/Eligibility

      The California Naturopathic Certification Board is a private board of Naturopathy Quality Assurance. We are a non-governmental way to provide the public with competent Naturopaths and to ensure that they are educated and trained.

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Certification: A voluntary process by which a nongovernmental agency grants a time-limited
recognition to an individual after verifying that he or she has met predetermined and
standardized criteria.


​Standards and Candidacy

Candidates for certification must have attained EACH of the following requirements before taking the
proctored certification exam.

          1. Having graduated from a board approved Naturopathic College, which  conferred the title of Naturopath, Traditional Naturopath, Naturopathic Practitioner or Doctor of Naturopathy and at the time of graduation was

any one of the following

A. Licensed by the California Bureau for Private and Post Secondary Education.

B. Licensed as a school or college by their respective state

C. Congressionally Chartered to give Naturopathic Titles or Degrees

D. Accredited by a branch of the United States Department of Education

          2. The Naturopathic program had a curriculum of no less than 3000 class hours in duration, including either online

or didactic in classroom education.

          3. Having an internship in an approved naturopathic residency program or clinic
              approved by the board with no less than 500 hours of clinical contact. (Exceptions
              will be made if the candidate can pr
ove that he or she has been in practice for a
              minimum of 2 years prior to the creation of the board *2019).


          4. Successfully passing the California Naturopathic Board Exam (CNBE) with a grade of 80
              or higher.

          5. Proof of Professional Malpractice and General Liability Insurance for coverage of no less than

To get started please download and fill out the

California Naturopathic Board Certification Application here.

Once the application is done please send to 

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